8SECONDS [8 X GD`s Pick] Satin Ribbon Pinafore Dress - Silver

[8 X GD's PICK] It is a satin pinafore dress detailed with shoulder ribbon. Layering it over basic t-shirt or shirt will creates a cheerful, ladylike look.

Colors on the image cuts are more accurate than on the images of the product worn by the model.



은은한 광택감과 잔잔한 주름이 매력적인 우아한 무드의 피나포어 드레스입니다
어깨의 리본 스트랩으로 길이 조절이 가능하여 누구나 스타일링하기 좋은 아이템입니다

베이직한 티셔츠나 셔츠와 함께 레이어드하여 여성스럽고 드레시한 룩을 완성할 수 있습니다

사이드의 딥 슬릿 디테일로 움직임에 편안함을 줍니다

속내의 안감으로도 적합할 정도의 부드러운 터치감과 가벼운 소재가 매력적인 아이템입니다

Product Info

  • Above season information is based on Korean region.
    Spring 13°C (55°F) / Summer 26°C (79°F) / Fall 15°C (59°F) / Winter -3°C (27°F)

Actual Size Unit cm

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Model Size

  • Model Size

    • 171cm
    • 50kg
    • 22in

    Model Wear

    • Top S
    • Bottom 67

Product Information

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SIZE 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 ASIAN (mm) 230 235 240 245 260 265 270 275 EUR 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43
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  • Please refer to the size chart when purchasing from 8SECONDS.
  • Please note, the provided sizes are based on general body types as the standard and there may be discrepancies between individuals.
  • Measurements may vary depending on the design, material, where it was measured, etc.
平均配送日数7~10 営業日


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